Language Skills

Language is nothing but a systematic means of communication by the use of words, symbols and sounds. In today’s interconnected and globalized world, learning English language has been a very important factor. It is considered to be a common international language when it comes to field of education, business, trade and commerce.  Imparting proficiency in English language should begin right from the school level. In a typical classroom especially in a non native country what happens is that the teacher take lectures of classes on the vocabulary, grammar, tenses and all such technicalities with their dull and dry drills. But at the end of the day when it comes to actually speaking the language for real, the students may fail to even utter a word. The crux of this problem lies under the fact that it is to be understood that English is not just a subject, it is a skill subject and should be learnt in a different way to master it. It is important that the teachers should make it to a point to enlighten the students mind with the right way of learning the language.  The language could be better learnt only if the students learn it right from their elementary classes.