Learning Without Frustration

Cherupushpam English Medium School provides the best opportunity to the children for self development and to discover themselves. Learning will be made a joyous natural process and not a frustrating experience. Conventional continuous class room learning will be replaced by openness to life and to environment.

Individual Attention

Strength of students in a division is restricted to maximum of 30 in order to ensure maximum individual care.

Co-Curricular Activities

There is a balance between co-curricular and academic work helping the students to build an all-round personality. The school offers trainig in a number of extra curricular activities. It is mandatory for every child to choose at least 3 activities. Training in Music(Vocal) is imparted to all the students. Under the supervision of teachers, students will be involved in co-curricular activities from 3:15 pm to 4:00 pm on all working days following a scheduled time table.


Examination systems in the school seeks a shift from the conventional content based testing to problem solving and competency based assessment. A continuous and comprehensive evaluation system is followed and children are relieved from the heavy burden of terminal examinations. Home assignments will be designed to develop the application talents of the chidren based on lessons learned in classrooms which they can leisurely do without any external guidance. Performance in co curricular activities will be given weightage while fixing the criteria for grading.